LIGA welcomes two new team members

M. Schilling (l), M.V. Cakir (r)

LIGA welcomes two new team members, Marcel Schilling and M. Volkan Cakir, who have recently joined the group to expand our bioinformatics expertise. Marcel is a bioinformatician who joined us in May 2020 from Berlin where he completed his PhD in the Rajewsky lab at Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine. In LIGA, Marcel will be the lead scientist in the MiRNet-AD project. Volkan holds a PhD in informatics after obtaining a Master’s degree in Molecular Genetics and joined us in September 2020 from Leipzig where he worked as postdoc in the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics at Leipzig University. In our group, Volkan will be in charge of processing and analyzing the genomics data generated in the Lifebrain and StaR-AD projects. Welcome to Lübeck!