LIGA receives MJFF funding for EPIC4PD project

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is funding a Lübeck-led project for predicting Parkinson’s disease with €650.000. The study is led by LIGA researcher Dr. Christina Lill who teamed up with six other European research teams to exploit data from one of the worldwide largest population-based study (“European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition” [EPIC]). The study will identify those subjects within the EPIC cohort who eventually developed Parkinson’s and subject baseline plasma samples from these individuals to high-throughput proteome screening. Proteome profiles from PD patients will be compared to those of healthy controls subjects with the aim to identify novel protein biomarkers predictive of a later onset for the disease. To achieve this aim, the EPIC4PD group will apply and develop a range of artificial intelligence techniques. See also this link for a press release of University of Lübeck on EPIC4PD. Funding: MJFF (from October, 2019 – September, 2022).