Shengjun Hong, PhD

Post-doctoral Researcher


2007.09-2013.06: M.S. and Ph.D. student in Bioinformatics, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

2010.10-2012.10: Visiting student in Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Health Science Center at Houston, USA

2003.09-2007.06: B. S. in Biotechnology, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui, China

Work experience

2016.08– present: Post-doctoral researcher, Lübeck Interdisciplinary Platform for Genome Analytics, University of Lübeck.

2013.07-2016.06: Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Biology, CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB), Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honors and awards

2013: Best Senior Student, Fudan University

2010: awarded the scholarship of China Scholarship Council and the school scholarships

2008: The Fifth Chinese Graduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling was obtained the Third Prize

2006: Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (International) was designated as Honorable Mention


1. Shengjun Hong, Xiangning Chen, Li Jin, Momiao Xiong. Canonical correlation analysis for RNA-seq co-expression networks. Nucleic Acids Research (2013).doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt145.

2. Shengjun Hong*, Hua Dong*, Li Jin, MomiaoXiong. Gene co-expression network and functional module analysis of ovarian cancer. Int J Comput Biol Drug Des 2011,4(2):147-64. (co-first)

3. Hua Dong, Li Luo, Shengjun Hong, Hoicheong Siu, Yanghua Xiao, Li Jin, Rui Chen, Momiao Xiong. Integrated analysis of mutations, miRNA and mRNA expression in glioblastoma. BMC Systems Biology 2010, 4:163.

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5. Shengjun Hong, Yi Huang, Yaqiang Cao, Xingwei Chen & Jing-Dong. Approaches to uncovering cancer diagnostic and prognostic molecular signatures, Molecular & Cellular Oncology, 1:2, e957981, DOI: 10.4161/23723548.2014.957981.