Save the date: MiRNetAD Research Symposium on Dec 1, 2021

On December 21, 2021, LIGA will co-host the MiRNetAD Resarch Symposium on “MicroRNA Dysfunction in Alzheimer’s Disease: Results from the MiRNetAD Project”. MiRNetAD is a collaborative research project between LIGA and the group of Prof. L.Q. Zhu from Wuhan, China, to explore the role of microRNAs in Alzheimer’s disease (visit this link for more details). The project’s first funding phase comes to an end in November, 2021, and we would like to take this opportunity of sharing some of the most exciting results with the scientific community. In addition to talks by MiRNetAD researchers, we are happy to report the participation of several high-profile keynote speakers, which will provide their respective views and results on the topic. The DRAFT-AGENDA for this 1-day symposium can be found here. Save the date!